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Common marketplaces for book ads are expensive, complicated and rarely profitable. puts your book in front of an unlimited amount of potential readers all for one reasonable price.

Create and Publish Ads All From One Platform

Create Your Ads

Use our visual ad builder or simply upload your book cover and let us do the rest.

Publish Your Ads

Select your categories and we will find website owners interested in your genre and then add your book in strategic locations throught their sites. Resulting in thousands of eyballs on your book every month.

Track Your Ads

Get monthly stats on how many times your ad is shown and how many times it is clicked.

What Do The Ads Look Like?

Your ad will show in a variety of locations throught hundreds of websites.

At times it will be the sole featured book on a page and at others it will be next to other similar books. Look to the left to see some of the options for how your book will be displayed.

What Does Unlimited Ad Views Mean?

Our network of high-traffic websites collectively receive millions of views each month. Our Unlimited Ad Views policy means that we will equally and consistantly circulate your book throughout our network of over 3,000 high-traffic websites without manually limiting or  throttling your books visibility.

The number of specific views you receive depends on your category and how many of our network sites accept your genre for ad listings. Ad Views fluctuate as we actively add new websites to our network every day. As our network grows your book will continue to get more visibility. Average books will get a minimum of 100,000 book views throughout the year.

Book Ad Pricing

Single Book



  • Advertise 1 book at a time
  • Unlimited Ad Views a Month
  • Select up to 3 Categories



Single Author



  • Advertise 3 books at a time
  • Unlimited Ad Views a Month
  • Select up to 6 Categories Per Book 

Multiple Authors



  • Advertise Up To 25 books at a time
  • Unlimited Ad Views a Month
  • Unlimited Categories

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